Hi, I'm Vic !

A professional Forex trader and Expert Advisor enthusiast.

The secret sauce to my success in the realm of automation is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Expert Advisor.

I created this simple hands-free service because trading Forex successfully is extremely difficult, never mind finding something dependable you can rely on, but originally I did it to help out my close friends and family.

By joining my PAMM or Trade Copier you will be able to achieve anywhere from 15% - 30% profit each month!

As you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the $1,500 I have deposited into an account that's available for everyone to connect theirs to and automatically copy from, or my PAMM account for anyone to join cost-free.

Sign up now to start creating some passive income for yourself.

Must Read

  • To copy my trades from this website you must use my broker Click Here

  • If you do not want to use my broker, scroll down for more trade copier options

  • Your account balance must be $1500 minimum

  • The leverage must be anywhere from 1:100 - 1:500

  • I use a very mild / safe hedging strategy.

  • I also use an equity protector

  • Do Not use my copier for any Prop Firms. You will fail, this copier doesn't follow prop firm trading parameters / rules.

  • Do not touch any of your live trades, trust the process

  • Drawdown is normal, be patient, don't worry

  • No VPS needed, this is a simple plug & play, hands-free service

  • Losses are normal in forex, don't worry, I recover and finish every month in profit

  • Login regularly as your account grows to optimize profits by adjusting the risk, money makes money!

Don't want to use my broker?

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Join My PAMM

What Is a PAMM Account?

I have deposited my capital into an account and opened it to the public, this allows anyone to join me by adding their funds to the account essentially creating a pool.

I trade this pool of funds for a performance fee, in this case, it would be 30% of the profits generated.

Investors can reinvest or withdraw their funds anytime!

This is a great way to get involved in the markets hands-free with no trading experience or paying upfront costs.

The minimum amount of capital needed to join my PAMM is $500

For help or more information regarding the PAMM, please speak to my broker's live chat.

How it all works!

The AI EA trades on both my PAMM and Trade Copier, by replacing traditional tools with a cloud infrastructure and Unix-based servers.

Crafted in Python, it utilizes ChatGPT-4, Google Gemini, and AIPRM for all operations. It processes live market data to predict movements, removing human errors and biases.

This AI-driven system, with machine learning algorithms and real-time news data via newsdata.io API, revolutionizes Forex trading by maintaining accuracy in volatile markets and ensuring long-term stability through intelligent hedging.

It's successfully transformed trading by automating the latest strategies that continuously improve performance which generates consistent profits.

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