Hi, I'm Vic !

A funded professional Foreign Exchange trader and Expert Advisor enthusiast.

The secret sauce to my success, besides years of experience, is a balanced combination of manually placed trades and a custom-built EA to micro-manage them.

I created this simple hands-free service because trading the Foreign Exchange successfully is extremely difficult, never mind finding something dependable you can rely on, but originally I did it to help out my close friends and family.

By copying my trades not only will you be able to achieve anywhere from 10% - 40% profit each month while keeping your account safe, but it's very possible you'll be able to pay for your $60 monthly subscription fee in a single trade day!

As you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the $1k I have deposited into a real live account that's now available for everyone to connect theirs too and automatically copy from.

So since you're here make sure to look around before taking advantage of my account management service and start creating some passive income for yourself.

Must Read

  • Your account balance must be $1000 minimum

  • The leverage must be anywhere from 1:200 - 1:500

  • I occasionally do use a very mild / safe martingale strategy.

  • I also use an equity protector

  • Do Not use my copier for any Prop Firms. You will fail, this copier doesn't follow prop firm trading parameters / rules.

  • Do not touch any of your live trades, trust the process

  • Drawdown is normal, be patient, don't worry

  • No VPS needed, this is a simple plug & play, hands-free service

  • Losses are normal in forex, don't worry, we will recover and finish every month in profit

  • My recommended broker for Americans ** Click Here**

  • My recommended broker for Non-Americans ** Click Here**

  • Login regularly as your account grows to optimize profits by adjusting the risk, money makes money!

  • To join my Telegram group Click Here and receive updates that involve your account and its trades.

Get Free Subscription!

  • Sign up to my recommended Broker using my links = +1 Free Month

  • Refer a friend or family member = +1 Free Month

  • Send me a Verified Myfxbook link with your account connected to my copier = +1 Free Month

Message me with proof after doing any of the above to claim a free month of subscription.

You can do any of the above multiple times to claim more than 1 free month at a time.

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